a scene of the sea



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★International Taipei Film Festival, 2014, Taiwan, In competition★

★Avyalik International Film Festival ,2014, International competition, Turkey★




A promise was made by Pia’s father to Pia to bring him to sea, but his father never returned after leaving Thailand for work. After 15 years, Pia also came to Taiwan to earn a living, and to realize his dream.

The boy was named 400 by his own mother, a mainland Chinese who settled in Taiwan for the sake of money. To sustain the traditional Taiwanese family line, the grandson was paid for 400 thousand dollar notes for an induced pregnancy.400 was soon abandoned by his own father after his grandparents deceased.

Pia met 400 on the journey. Together they set out to sea.

cast: 陳雪甄 Vera Chen,蕭君泰 Hsiao Chun Tai,游為麟 Yu Wei Lin

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