whisper of flowers


★ Avyalik International Film Festival, in International Competition ★

★ 15th Shanghai International Film Festival: in International Competition ★

★ South Taiwan Film Festival:in Competition ★

45歲的志遠以為他應該已經死去了, 但是他沒有— 花開的一個夜晚,他活了下來。志遠迫切想要了結自己的生命,卻被一連串的意外事件所打擾;當所有人,包括自己的妻子和兒子都不察覺志遠想要自殺的情況下, 志遠卻又被這些人意外的救了回來,驗證人生純屬一場意外。

Zhi Yuan thought he should have died as he wish, but he didn’t. He was forced to live on, on a night when flowers blossom. His suicide attempts were intercepted and hindered by series of unexpected incidents. None, including his wife and son, was aware of his intention to end his life yet his life was unknowingly and accidentally saved by them, and thus life goes on.

directed by LAU,Kek-Huat 廖克發 導演作品

Cast:邱安忱 Chiu An Chen, 黃婕菲 Felicia Huang

黃長鍇 Huang Chang Kai,陳正昀 Chen Cheng Yun

HD/29 mins/Mandarin/English & Chinese Subtitled/2012



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