thank you for being one



Thank you for being one 謝謝你是,其中一人

Over 100,000 Malaysian watch the film online and leave their comments: “This is a good opportunity for us to take a glimpse into a hidden but important phase of our country – before and after Merdeka – through an award-winning film. It is through such insight that we will get a better perspective of our true history – which may be a far cry from the official story of the day.”

-Kim Quek



“I was crying watching this film. The best movie on my list and FINAS should not ban this movie. Terngiang ngiang kata kata pakcik tu. “Melayu tak tolong cina, mana boleh menang. Kalau cina tak tolong melayu, cina tak boleh menang juga. Cina dengan melayu kene sama sama tolong menolong nak menentang British. Tapi kenape kerajaan kita tak suka kita” Seeing things happening in our country, i wish all of us could just stop condemning each other, stop hating each other and stop blaming each other. Worth every second of your time.”

-Nik Jaja Binks

“感動しました。マレーシアで公開してくれてありがとうございます。とても共感出来ました。”(”I am touched. Thank you for making your film available in Malaysia. I am very moved by it.”)

-Yoko Loo Ichikawa 

“当年我二十来岁,听着舅公和外婆诉说日本殖民走难进山芭的点滴。七旬老翁,回首蕉风夜雨京心动柏的日子,那份爱国之心,不能以政治党派或肤色区分。他们都是爱国英雄。谢谢你,为他 们道出了心底之话,爱国之心。我舅公回到中国后害怕被马来西亚新政府追宗害到还在马来西亚的家人(我外婆一家),改名换姓,在中国的那段日子,想着马来西亚。我记的带他去喝 kopi o





“Thank you for all that you all have done. I understand my family, my grandparents and my father and his siblings better now after this film. I wish I could visit them sometime while they are alive. I want to pay respect to them and listen to their real life stories myself too.”

-Bj Eng Buan Jeng



-Susan Koo

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