cul de sac forest




★ 2009 Golden Lion International Film Festival, in competition, Taiwan★

★Bangkok World Film Festival, 2010, Thailand★

★Young Cinema Art Student Film Festival 2010, Poland★

★Tokyo Downtown cool media festival 2012, Japan★





A letter …

A romance in the heart of a tropical forest…

A Malay Communist love story untold….

1948– after British Colonial Government imposed a curfew at 1948, Malaysia, 41 years hence– she received a letter: an invitation from her old flame or comrade. She realized that her lover was not sacrificed. She also realized a dilemma: to go or not to go. To go is to disturb her peace with excitement and suprises. Would she go? 41 years hence, what fire can be rekindled from a pair of old flickering flames?


directed by LAU,Kek-Huat 廖克發 導演作品

Cast:  劉桂蓮 Liou Guei Lian,林純如 Lin Chuen Ru,黃土樹 Huang Tu Shu 杜冠瑩 Du Guan Ying, 鄺一帆Kong Yih Farn

SD/Color/29 mins/Mandarin, Malay/English & Chinese Subtitlted/2009



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