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absent without leave

不即不離 ★Busan International Film Festival : Wide angel In Competition ★ ★ 釜山國際影展超廣角亞洲競賽 ★ ★Singapore International Film Festival Best Audience Choice Award ★ ★ 新加坡國際影展,最佳觀眾票選獎 ★ ★ International Taipei Film Festival ★ 國際台北電影節 ★ ★精彩而且情感真摯”  – 台灣著名導演 侯孝賢 Hou Hsiao-Hsien★ ★ SGIFF: ‘Absent’ Adds Audience Award at Singapore Festival Close” Variety USA News ★ Please click to view the Trailer Absent without Leave is […]

Nia’s door

妮雅的門 ★”The winning short immediately struck the jury with its compelling portrait of a complex, yet recognisable main character, told with great directorial vision! ” – Lee, Hyo-Won, the HOLLYWOOD Reporter ★ ★ “SONJE AWARD” Busan International Film Festival: Best Film Award ★ ★ Clermont Ferrand short film festival: international Competition ★ ★ Ifva, Hong Kong, […]

when it rains

雨落誰家 ★2013 Golden Harvest Film Festival:
Best Film, Best Actress Awards★ ★Taiwan Labour Film Festival: Best Film Award★ 一間工廠,一個誓要討回工資的外勞媽媽﹐一個和女兒失和的刻薄女老闆,一個想回家的搶劫犯,三個小人物,交織在一場搶劫中。一夜的雨,送給每個人一點希望﹐每個人都需要一點小勇氣﹐走下去。 It happens in a small factory. It involves an illegal Filipino worker, a mother who is determined to fight for her wages back, a mean factory owner who is a mother having an estranged relationship with her […]

whisper of flowers

花開的夜晚 ★ Avyalik International Film Festival, in International Competition ★ ★ 15th Shanghai International Film Festival: in International Competition ★ ★ South Taiwan Film Festival:in Competition ★ 45歲的志遠以為他應該已經死去了, 但是他沒有— 花開的一個夜晚,他活了下來。志遠迫切想要了結自己的生命,卻被一連串的意外事件所打擾;當所有人,包括自己的妻子和兒子都不察覺志遠想要自殺的情況下, 志遠卻又被這些人意外的救了回來,驗證人生純屬一場意外。 Zhi Yuan thought he should have died as he wish, but he didn’t. He was forced to live on, on a night when flowers […]

cul de sac forest

  愛在森林邊境 ★ 2009 Golden Lion International Film Festival, in competition, Taiwan★ ★Bangkok World Film Festival, 2010, Thailand★ ★Young Cinema Art Student Film Festival 2010, Poland★ ★Tokyo Downtown cool media festival 2012, Japan★ 一封信⋯ 一段熱帶叢林中的愛情⋯ 一段馬來亞共產黨員的記憶⋯ 距離(西元1948年)殖民政府宣布戒嚴41年後的今天,老太太意外收到前情人共產黨員的邀請,老太太才知道前情人並未在撤退中死去。她將如何回應前情人的邀請,面對她安寧的生活中引起的波折紛擾?她是否會赴約?接受41年以後,蒼老的他們再次的相遇? A letter … A romance in the heart of a tropical forest… A Malay Communist love story untold…. […]


鼠 ★ 31st Golden Harvest Film Festival: Best Director, Best Student Film Awards ★ ★ 29th Munich International Festival of Film Schools, 2009: in Competition ★ ★ 13th Tel Aviv International Student Film, 2010: in Competition ★ ★ 11th Cinemanila International Film Festival 2009: in Competition ★ 一個性格獨立的現代女性,獨自去承擔墮胎的決定。手術前漫長的24個小時,她一個人淡然面對墮胎的到來,卻無法度過一次鼠患的困擾。在重重的壓迫下,她是否仍然能繼續,掩飾自己最私密的情感? She is an independent modern lady, who […]

short shorts

《我的理想狀態》MY DREAM PLACE BORN IN 60 SECONDS 「YOOOARTxTAIPEI : MY DREAM PLACE BORN IN 60 SECONDS」is a collection of film artwork from 15 Taiwanese filmmakers, curated by YOOOART co-founder Yao Zejun. Based on the theme of “My Dream Place”, fifteen directors make a one-minute short film each. Lau Ket-huat from Malaysia reminisces his hometown in […]